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All Is Lost

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J.C. Chandor
Robert Redford
Neal Dodson, Anna Gerb, Justin Nappi,Kevin Turen,Teddy Schwarzman
Executive Producers:
Robert Ogden Barnum,Glen Basner, Joshua Blum, Howard Cohen, Eric d'Arbeloff, Cassian Elwes, Corey Moosa, Zachary Quinto
Release Date(Theatrical US):
18 October 2013

Deep into a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean, an unnamed man (Redford) wakes to find his 39-foot yacht taking on water after a collision with a shipping container left floating on the high seas. With his navigation equipment and radio disabled, the man sails unknowingly into the path of a violent storm. Despite his success in patching the breached hull, his mariner’s intuition and a strength that belies his age, the man barely survives the tempest. Using only a sextant and nautical maps to chart his progress, he is forced to rely on ocean currents to carry him into a shipping lane in hopes of hailing a passing vessel. But with the sun unrelenting, sharks circling and his meager supplies dwindling, the ever-resourceful sailor soon finds himself staring his mortality in the face.